Some Links on New BI Technologies

I was watching Chris Webb's video from the Nordic Pass Session: Chris Webb - The best Microsoft BI tools you've never heard of

and discovered a new technology called "Open Data Protocol" or "OData".

You can view it's site here: http://www.odata.org/introduction

I imagine lots of this open data can be consumed via Power Pivot.

Chris explains the protocol similar to an "ODBC" for the internet which makes sense.

He also talks about a new product called Microsoft Codename "Data Explorer".

Website is here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sqlazurelabs/labs/dataexplorer.aspx

He equates it to SSIS for Excel.

You can connect to a variety of data sources and apply a series of repeatable steps.

Next topic was Node XL where you can import data from a variety of sources.

And another link mentioned was NodeXLGraphGallery which has some good graphs.

Another free download is LayerScape developed by Microsoft Research.

It takes data from Excel and allows data powered by World Wide Telescope.

So to summarize, Business Intelligence is growing really fast.

I'm glad we have organizations like PASS to help disseminate information easily.  You can watch some great video clips from the Nordic site here.

And thanks to Chris for the good info tidbits!


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