Programmers for Life

I was active on LinkedIn today.

And I noticed something unusual.

Many people I worked with in the past are really successful.

Managers, Directors, VPs, SVP, Senior Programmers, Architects, etc.

I wonder if you do something for long enough, the natural progression is upward.

It doesn't necessarily mean that you are a great programmer, to become a VP.

Sometimes it's the exact opposite, they promote those who can't program because they do less damage higher up.

Except some people are really smart and deserve to be in charge of departments and such.

I'm glad to see these people climb the ladder of success.

I tried being a Supervisor and I found it to be a no win situation.

My skills were drying up, there's no method for motivating people at g0v't jobs, the pay was lousy, my peers were making 20k more than I was, there's pressure from above to keep up with the work queue, there was no training, there was no way to say "no" to a customer no matter how difficult or feasable the request, there's no way to fire people at g0v't jobs, I felt little support from my peers if anything there was competition, and lastly, I felt their was almost no recognition for doing good work.

So I'm back to being a programmer.  And I'm luvin' it!

And my hat's off to all those programmers who stayed in the trenches throughout their careers.

It ain't easy solving problems day in and day out.

And so it goes!