Never Give Up!

I know a guy who was diagnosed with a terrible disease at an early age, around 21.

He could have given up, sat on the sidelines of life, chosen the easy path.

Except he didn't.

He chose to accept it and deal with it and live with it.

Although he knew deep in the back of his mind that it was not true.

Although nobody questioned the diagnosis.

Nobody bothered to offer assistance.

Or help in any way.

He was left alone do deal with life with his disability.

He tried to see other doctors to get another evaluation.

None of them bother to listened or help.

Primary care physician didn't help.

Had to pay extra for Life Insurance for extra risk.

Meanwhile, my friend never gave up, kept pushing forward.

Until one day, he called a doctor and scheduled an appointment.

The doctor listened to his story from start to finish.

And what he said was amazing.

After twenty years of living with a debilitating disease, the doctor said it was highly unlikely to be the case and was confident it was not true.

I don't think people can realize what a struggle it was for my friend.

Everybody gave up on him, nobody bothered to help.

And after twenty years, my friend found the truth.

Which he knew all along.

So here's to my friend and his new found life.

Sometimes hope does pay off.

And miracles do happen.

Never give up!

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