Namespaces for Public Community Data

When we talk about Community data, we often think of sets of data available for download from a particular institution.

However, when mashing data, I think it would be optimal to stamp that data from where it came from.

Similar to how we put "Namespaces" on web services to identify the unique location on the web.

Do the same with Universal Data.

In addition, instead of downloading that data once, mapping it out and mashing it up with your local data, why can't we do joins across the Internet, similar to Web Services.

That way you could say:

Select u.FirstName, u.LastName, u.UserID, d.DriversLicNbr
From Server.Database.owner.User u
Inner Join [Namespace=DMV].[Server].[Database].[Driver] dr
On u.UserId = dr.UserId

Basically, a 5 part naming convention instead of a 4 part naming convention.

Similar to calling a database in the Cloud, we could then call Universal Public Database in the Cloud.

Free the data.  Expose the data for user consumption.  Imagine the world of interconnected data.

Think of the possibilities.  Mashing data from the Federal Level, to the State level, to the County Level and back again.

Such potential!