Face to Face Contact Obsolete

Life is a little bit like poker.

Guard your hand, protect your cards, be aggressive when bluffing.

If you ever read this blog, you'll see that there's a huge amount of transparency.

Which is the way things are headed in real life.

Secrecy is a thing of the past.

However, some people still use cold war tactics.

They hide their true motives, they cloak their agenda's, they pretend to help while they steal you blind.

It's getting hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, to be honest.

The dividing line has diminished, everyone's out for themselves.

Passive aggressive is the new norm.

People are superficial and there's no real substance.

Conversations tiptoe around the weather, television shows and sports.

Has the world of internet overridden true community?

With people's short attention spans and unquestionable thirst for newness and excitement, do Humans stand a chance in the new digital world?

Has face to face contact become obsolete?

As people stare at their smart phone in replace for conversation.

Personally, I think everyone's out for themselves one way or another.

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