Business Intelligence Is More than Just Data

When people think of Business Intelligence they think of different things.

Some people will rattle off the top 10 vendors in the BI space.

Other will differentiate the key functionality between Cloud BI, Mobile BI, Big Data, Traditional BI, In Memory BI, ETL, Data Governance, etc.

Still others will get into the nitty gritty aspects of how the functionality works.  How to best optimize queries, how to mash data, how to get Unstructured Data onto a report.

And yet still others will talk about the Business Rules for an organization.  How data flows between departments, between systems, between databases, and how it all integrated into a cohesive whole.

Business Intelligence is not just data into information to produce actionable tasks.

It's about Collaberation.  Discussions about technology.  About Business Processes.  About Analytics.

It's about communication.  Discovery.  Detective work.  Finding the truth.

It blends art and science, faith and facts and micro and macro.

What else could you ask for?