Role Models

Who do you respect as a role model?

As we look back in time, many people stand out for bravery, for intelligence, for pacifism, for many facets of life.

Who do we have to look up to today?

When I was a kid, I played a lot of tennis.  And my tennis pro was named Cid.  He played number one position for his college and taught me how to play.  I respected him and did just about any recommendation he gave me.  He outlined a rigorous training routine which I followed to the T.  In fact I was in such good shape back then, I could last all day every day in the hot Florida sun.  Except I threw away all my hard work and talent into the garbage can in order to get an education.  So I would say Cid was a role model to me in High School.

When I went through tough times in college, I looked to music for role models, not such great choices, like Jim Morrison of the Doors.

Later in life, I looked up to Bob Dylan for his lyrics, artistry and brilliance.  He is a modern day prophet.

I went through a phase where I studied the Native American Indians.  These people lived in harmony with Nature.  They were decimated for profit, greed and power.  And the average person could care less.  The Shamans are role models to me for their ability to guide their tribe.

I suppose I look up to people who have God given talents, people who overcome tremendous odds and difficulties through perseverance and people who tell the truth even when it goes against the mainstream.

How about you?  Who do you look up to nowadays?  And why?