Reverse Engineer Tabular Model Source Code from Cube

We have a Tabular Model cube in production.

And we had to migrate the cube from one server to another.

So I found the .abf Cube Backup file, did an export, then an import into the new database server.

Except I could not locate the Source Code as it was developed by someone else.

So I researched the internet and sure enough I found this URL:


It basically says you can create a New Project --> Import from Tabular Model (Server) and tell it the server name and presto, one new Tabular Model Source Code Project appears out of thin air.

The only caveot, I had to create the project on the server in which the Cube resides because otherwise I didn't know how to tell it the server name.

Anyhow, the code shall soon be in Team Foundation Server shortly.

Thank you for reading!