Migrated Tabular Model Cube Between Servers

We are in the process of setting up a new SharePoint site specifically for BI.

So what that means is I had to do a backup of the existing cube.

And move the file to the new server.

And do a restore of the cube.

Loaded the .BISM connection on the new server and presto.

We now have data from the Sales cube on the new SharePoint site.

I've asked the IT team to bump up the RAM to as high as possible.

I've heard some people using 100 gigs of RAM for their tabular model.

I think we have 4 gigs set up presently.

Also, we discovered the memory was not allocated for best performance on the existing site.

Because the database and web server are on the same machine.

Which goes against best practices.

So the new server will be separated.

And it should fly hopefully.

Because it will become the new Enterprise BI server for Sharepoint.

And so it goes!