Business Intelligence vs Data Science

So how is the baseball team doing?

Depends who you ask.

Ask the Owner, he'll let you know the teams win/loss ratio, attendance figures, Return on Investment, you may get one answer.

Ask the Manager, he may tell you the team has a good morale, what the hitting looks like as well as the pitching and fielding, you'll get another answer.

Ask the field crew, they'll tell you about the patch of grass out in left field, the quality of the infield dirt, the number of bases used per game, you'll get other answers.

Ask the parking attendant, he'll tell you the number of visitors per home game, where the heavy drinkers hang out, what the latest tailgating rituals are, you'll get yet another answer.

So once again, how is the baseball team doing?

It depends.  On who you ask.  And what question you ask.  And when you ask it.

Same with Business Intelligence.  The job is to ask questions and return answers.

Based on the data.  So asking the right questions is key.  And knowing the business is key.  And understanding the data is key.  And knowing the latest technology is key.  And knowing the industry standards is key.  And knowing historical data is key.  And knowing where to find the data is key.  And knowing where to get the right data is key.  And asking the right business people is key.

So is this Business Intelligence?  Or is this Data Science?

I see very little difference.

How about you?