Business Intelligence Strategy

We have a Business Intelligence strategy.

We have hundreds of SQL-Server SSRS reports in production, some 2008 r2 others 2005.

And we have a fully operational internal SharePoint site.

Which hosts Power Pivots, PowerViews and Tabular Models.

Performance Point is operation except no reports created yet.

However, because the site was put up so quickly, we've decided to stage a new production server using best practices surrounding memory, configuration and naming conventions.

So the BI team has been meeting weekly to monitor the progress, architect the blueprint for the future and soon delegate responsibilities.

However we are not rushing the process, slow and easy.

What are the current data sources?  Current Cubes?  Current reports? etc.

And what do we see down the road?

And how can we plan for the future, answer the questions that need to be answered, convert data to information and provide value as a business unit.

Not easy questions.

However we have solidified Microsoft as the platform for data, portal and delivery.

Although the meetings have few action items at the end, we are definitely making progress.

A well thought out architecture will pay dividends down the road as we ramp up with more data sources, more cubes, more users, more reports, more everything.

It's all good!