Third Quarter Update 2012

It's been an amazing year thus far.

First off we changed from the credit union to a bank.  Sure everyone says how great credit unions are but the long distance thing became a hassle over time, depositing checks through the mail.  One time they deposited my check to someone else's account and made me do the research to prove their mistake.  So after being a member since 1986, I switched to a bank.  I prefer the custom service of walking into a branch and having them know my name.  Personalized service goes a long way.

We made some good purchases this year.  We were a one car family for over a year, carpooling and taking the bus to work.  So I got myself a new used car off Cr@igslist and it turns out to be a good car.  We bought a new A/C for the house, even though the old one wasn't broken.  We got an in ground pool as well as a pool heater for the winter time.  We solved our plumbing issues finally with the water dripping through the ceiling, turns out some bad plumbers installed toilet wrong and we had to have the vents cleaned out.  We had the fences in the back yard replaced to be in compliance with the pool inspection.  And we got the leak fixed where the roof was not done correctly, it was under warranty.  And we had some fans installed in all the rooms as well as some touch up work on the walls.  And then we had a drainage issue after the pool was installed so the handyman put a drain running from the back yard to the front.

I got a new job this year.  I kept telling myself I was underpaid, but when I got a 30% bump in pay, that seemed to prove it.  I enjoyed my time as reporting supervisor but prefer to work as a hands on programmer / report writer.  The new job is working out good, close to home, nice people, software industry so there's lots of smart people.  And my part time job got re-extended for another 6 months so that should keep me busy at night for a while longer.

We rented a cabin in April in the N. Georgia mountains and we have another vacation planned end of October, same cabin.  We can't wait for some cooler weather as this Summer in Florida was a hot one. However, we also can't wait to try out the new pool heater.

The year has been exhausting.  However, we have fortified our position on the home front to some degree and made good progress on the professional front.  Three more months to close out the year and we do it all over again.  I'm eagerly awaiting December 21 as that's the key date to watch predicted by the Mayans as the end of the calendar.  Doomsday?  I don't think so.  I think it's similar to how the earth revolves around the sun, each year we return to the place of origin.  Same thing with the Solar System, we are returning to our point of origin and we be nicely aligned in the Universe.  We are fortunate to be alive during this day and age as its going to be a magnificent time with the higher vibrational energies.

Change is good.  It's inevitable.  Might as well hang on for the ride instead of trying to keep things the same.  Educate the mind.  Exercise.  Eat healthy.  Get enough sleep.  That's my advice.

Keep it real!