SQL Saturday in Orlando

Today I attended the SQL Saturday in Orlando

I left 6:30 am after fueling up on Starbucks coffee

Arrived 8:30am in Orlando

Attended Kevin Klines presentation, full house, standing room only.

Great presentation.

Then took a break between session.

Next attended Stacia Misner's excellent Data Visualization for SSRS presentation.  Good content,  deliver,  audience participation.  Learned a lot!  Got a chance to reminisce afterwords.

Next up lunch, sat with some people from Orlando, little bit of conversation.

Got a chance to speak withSQLGator Ed Watson, he presented later in the day at 3pm.

Next up, great presentation on Tabular Model, learned quite a bit.  Didn't know you could set the Memory setting to point to the transactional data.

I had to head back home after that as I have plans with the MRS.

Overall, great presentations, good food and a fun day out.