Solve the Biggest Problem for the Biggest Boss

I think I may have mentioned this in the past.

I said when I get to a new work environment, I figure out who is the real boss, the person who runs the show, find their biggest problem and solve it.

So at my new job, I found the person in charge.  And I got a report request indirectly to enhance one of the existing reports.

Basically it shows sales over time by month and quarter, displays remaining days in the month and quarter.

My task was to add YTD figures and show how far off each sales person is from their target, and then by group and then grand total.

So I worked with the lower level Manager on the specs.  Problem was the report ran in just over 7 hours.  So my first task was to streamline it.  I got it down to 15 minutes without using indexes.

So now I had a workable report to begin the modifications which I did in a day or two.  Then some bug fixes from users and then released to production.  That's all I heard on that report.

Then today, I got to interact with the top exec and I was told how marvelous that report was and they had been waiting over two years for the report changes.

So that was good and I said we can do the same to all the international reports, not just the US version.

At least they know who I am now.