Programmers who took a few years off

One thing that surprises me is programming over time.

I know people who were great programmers 10 years ago.

They got out of it for a few years.

Now they think they can't program any more.

That's the furthest thing from the truth.

Just because you took a few years off, you could be back up to speed in less than a month.

Some things don't change over time.

And picking up where you left off should not be feared.

I would encourage those who got out of IT for whatever reason to jump back in.

There's an IT programming shortage going on right now.

And Programming is only going to increase in demand.

If I had a kid in college I'd advise them to study programming.

And learn how things work.

And problem solving.

There will never be a sufficient supply of problem solvers.

Problem creates, they'll be here forever too!