Power Pivot Issue Connecting via Mac

Well, since I now support the Power Pivot and access and rights and permissions, I got sent a curve ball.

One of the top execs needs access to the Power Pivot, which works find on his machine, when connected through SharePoint.

However, he's the only one in the company on a Mac, and for some reason he couldn't connect.

So I was able to negotiate an hour on his machine and re installed all the software with no luck.

It was only when he mentioned the Mac wasn't connected to the domain that a flash went off.

So I got the IT department to connect his Parallels to the Domain and we got a new error message, progress.

So the problem now was not able to refresh a data connection when not going through SharePoint.

So we tried enabling the Connection data source and sure enough, presto, we got connection to the data source.

So that was a big win for the BI team.

Exec's don't want to hear complaints, they want solutions.

And there you have it.