Power Pivot Created from Tabular Model Connection

Today I experimented with Power Pivot.

So I opened an existing Tabular Model Universal Data Source to my desktop.

Opened the file by double clicking on it.

Which spawned a version of Excel 2010.

From there the PivotTable Field List appeared on the right hand side.

There you have the ability to Click the fields you would like to see.

Or drag the field to the area below: Report Filter, Column Labels, Row Labels or Values.

Data instantly appears on the spreadsheet in a Pivot Table.

You can continue to add more fields as necessary.

Then clicked on PivotTable Tools --> Options --> Move Pivot Table which allow the table to be arranged elsewhere on the spreadsheet.

Then clicked on Insert Slicer and select the fields, values the report should display by default.

Then adjusted the Pivot Table and Slicers to appear on the report neatly.

Then hid the PivotTable Field List.

Saved the workbook and good to go.