Personality Match Job Description

Working for the County a few years ago, they had us take classes periodically which were required and if you didn't take enough classes, it showed up on your review and could cost you part of your raise, except they did not give raises 4 out of the 5 years I worked there.

So I took this one class, where you take a test.  Questions were designed to identify your personality type.

After they scored my test the guy pulled me aside and asked if I liked working for the g0vt.

"I said it was okay, it paid the bills, why?"

He said my score indicates that I would feel caged in working in such stringent environments and I would actually be better off working in a place that allowed more freedom.

Interesting.  I think I kept the score results somewhere I should probably look for them to refresh.

However, now that I look back at it, the rules enforced were designed for a reason.  And most of the people accepted the rules and worked within their boundaries.  I bumped my head a lot on the rules and  was told directly and indirectly to slow down.

I'll never forget what happened one time.  They were reorganizing the cubicles, all the time, and there were three garbage pales lined up for the longest time.  So I decided to move them a few feet over, and then brought one back to my desk because I didn't have one.  I got called into the managers office and asked why I moved them, and subsequently, had to return the pale and put all three back in their original position.  Nice!

So there you have it, some people have personalities that fit their jobs, others don't.  I feel my current position aligns nicely with my free form thinking, ability to be myself, to be creative and be a strong producer.

And there you have it.