Make Your Time Count

People crave money.  They work hard for it.  They dream about it.  And sometimes they get it.

However, let us stop to think about what's more valuable than money.


Because once it's gone you can't get it back.

You can lose all your money and then find it again.

But time lost can never be made up.

How we spend out time is important.

We need to be sure that we spend out time wisely.

We exchange our time during the weekday at our jobs in return for money from the customer (not our employer).

And then we are given time on the weekend to spend.

So if the majority of our time is at the office or sleeping, shouldn't we really find a job we enjoy.

Something we have a passion for.

Otherwise we are just wasting our time here on this planet.

Exchanging our time for money, and more importantly, not enjoying the time spent to earn that money.

Once you realize that time is priceless, more valuable than gold, more than expensive cars or houses or planes or businesses, you realize that how you spend your time counts.

Because when you're on your deathbed, and someone offers you wealth or more time, which you gonna choose?