Maintenance Programmers

Well I've been keeping tabs on Big Data for a while now.

And ventured into some of it's basic underling working.

However, I have not had a chance to work with it yet.

I've been focusing more on reporting and advanced business intelligence lately.

Today I heard the work MongoDB, not the first time though.

And it looks like there may be some MongoDB floating around soon.

Not that I'll get to develop any, yet.

The way things work, R&D finds the new technology, figures it out, implements it, then throws it over the wall to be supported.

So I'll sit tight until that happens.  And at that time, we'll have an expert to show me the ropes.

MongoDB handles tons of data and can distributively process that huge volume across multiple computers.  The queries are fast.

I'll have to do some research in the meantime, but I'll be ready when it comes my way.

Like I said before, the majority of programmers like to learn the new technology, write some hacked code and then move on to the latest technology.  And while they're moving on, I'll support that code in production, do bug fixes, enhancements, maintenance, etc.

You can earn a descent living by doing maintenance coding, there's even a niche for it.

And I'd classify myself as a maintenance coder, always have been.  It takes skill to inherit someone else's code figure out what they were smoking when they wrote it, and somehow keep it going, until it gets rewritten by another contractor.

Everything comes in time, to those who are patient.

And there you have it.