IPhone doesn't read .XLS files via Email anymore

With the recent release of the IPhone, the BI team immediately got complains from the top execs.

The Excel reports sent through SSRS email subscription are no longer visible, throwing an error.

So my bosses boss called me into his office to show me the problem.

I said I'd fix it.

Turns how, he's correct, IPhone does not support pre Excel 2007, so the .XLS format is not readable.

So being month end, and quarter end, I felt the pressure to get it working.

I tried HTML, MHTML and CSV and none of those were not acceptable.

We tried converting the .XLS to .XLSX and that worked, except SSRS 2008 R2 only sends .XLS files.

So upgrading to SSRS 2012 was really not an option, due to limited time.

So next we tried PDF, and that seemed to work fine.

So I sent the reports out, no good.

They were not displaying all the necessary data required.

So the top boss stopped over, I had to leave a meeting early, and gather specs for the new reports.

So I got the report working, sent out in PDF, good to go.

Except they also wanted some other data added, at 4:30 on Friday, and I usually leave at 5pm.

So I quickly grabbed code from another report, created a UNION statement, shoved into SSRS and presto, new report had everything they wanted, basically a sub-set of the data in a Pivot table (Matrix).

Report went out at 6pm, then 9pm.  No word.

Then today, Sunday, got feedback that the Exec's are now happy.

Another win for the BI department.

Only problem now is the other 100 reports that get sent out in .XLS format.

I really think we should upgrade to 2012 once and for all.

That will also solve the other complains of Excel files can't handle more than 68k rows.

And so it goes~!