Interpreting the Data is Key

Writing reports is a skill.

And being able to gather the specs, find the data, write the query, create the report, release the repor to the consumer, that's the name of the game.

However, there's another step that we've forgotten.

Interpreting the data.  That's the piece, at least for me, I've been skipping over.

I always relsease the reports to the experts, since they know the business rules better than anyone.

Let them figure out the trends.

However, I now believe that to be a great data person, you also need to be able to tell the user what the patterns are, what they should be looking at, point out the trends, the missing pieces, the holes in the data.

This is not a requirement to be a report writer.

But if you want to have a competetive edge and be the go to person in your org, it's a skill to learn and become good at.

Learn the data!  Interpret the data!  Be the data!