Empower Your Workers If You Want Superstars

Free to be you and me.

Being comfortable.

That's the secret to finding enjoyment.

In your job or in life.

So when your company allows you the freedom to arrive and leave as you feel, provided you get you 8 hours.

And when you can wear t-shirt, shorts and baseball cap.

And when they provide coffee and espressos.

And they take you to lunch on Thursdays.

How can you not perform at your best?

It's inherent in the system.

Give the workers the freedom to produce.

And they produce.

They strive to do good work.

Because they have the freedom to be great workers.

When you apply rigid rules, strict authoritarian atmosphere, people will go out of their way to become the best slackers they can be.

I've seen it first hand.

Don't trust your workers, they'll give you reason not to trust them.

Empower your workers and everyone becomes a superstar!