Best time to schedule Meetings

Meetings are a fact of life.

There's always a meeting to go to.

I find that in the IT workforce, there are rules to when meetings are preferred.

It's probably best not to schedule a meeting first thing Monday morning.  Or that afternoon either.  Everybody's recovering from the weekend.

And Friday afternoons are not the best time either, everyone's getting revved up for the weekend.

Lunch time is usually off limits too.

So your best best is Tuesday or Thursday and then Wednesday.

Except not at 7 or 8am or 4 or 5pm.

So there you have it.  When scheduling a meeting think first before you send the invite out.

That is if you want people awake and ability to actively participate in your meeting.

And be sure to follow up the meeting with brief summary MOU to document was discussed and by whom.

So that way in a month when Jim Bob says, "you never said that", well, here's the meeting when it was said by whom, touche!