Being of Service

I've been spending a good proportion of each work day on the phone.

And talking with a lot of senior executives.

Helping them get up to speed on Power Pivot and Tabular Model.

"We are used to getting CSV files, why can't we continue with that?"

Because Microsoft's direction is to centralize the dissemination of data through SharePoint.

And it's Business Intelligence Department's responsibility to provide data sets which are cleansed, data governanced, consolidated and timely.

And they can be accessed through Power View or Power Pivot.  And we'd prefer they use Tabular Model, because it runs in full blown Analysis Services and the refreshes are not dependent if the users have the file open.

We provide the time measurements and all the data they can consume and they can do Self Service BI all day long if they choose.  To scan the data, look for patterns and mold their business and processes accordingly.

Most of the executives however see the significance of data and the underlying power it provides.

I like to get them set up and overall tutorial and they catch on fast and are off and running.

Sure we still get data requests for reports in traditional SSRS and I handle those requests too, as well as bug fixes to the existing reports.  To work in BI nowadays, you have to wear a lot of hats, including the go between for Business Users and the Data / IT.

I really like to be of service so it's a good role for me.

It's still going to take time for me to understand what the data represents and all the business rules and such, but that goes with the territory.

And so it goes!