You Can Keep Your Super Stars, I'll Take a Super Team

If you read the want ads lately, every company is looking for a Super Star.

What they should be looking for is a team player.

What I've learned lately is that the team is more important that a single programmer.

Sure a programmer can design systems, mentor others, but the org gets dependent on that person.

And he/she eventually leaves.

And with that, holes in the infrastructure.

How does this work, where is that data coming from, how does that web piece interact with this thing?

I've seen places that place too much emphasis on Super Stars at their own demise.

Teams are awesome.  People working together. Helping out when needed.  Mentoring.  Learning.  Assisting.

I would gladly prefer a bunch of smart people working together to solve complex problems.

Each having differing strengths and weaknesses.

Because a solid team can overcome problems that a single programmer can't.

I'll take a team any day over a Super Star.