What isn't a Data Scientist

What's a Data Scientist (DS)?

Who knows.

They are as mysterious as the Lockness Monster.

What I can tell you is this.

A Data Scientist is in the business of applying the Scientific Method to DATA.

See reference here for what a Scientific Method is:

By that rational, its seems to me, that just about anyone who works with data could in fact be a DS.

So let's see what's not a DS.

I wouldn't necessarily agree that in order to define a Data Scientist you must have an advanced degree such as a PhD.

And you don't have to specialize in Statistics, Advanced Mathematics, Predictive Analysis or Data Modeling.

And you don't even have to be correct to be a Data Scientist.

As long as you study the data and propose a hypothesis, you are three quarters on the way to becoming one.

And if luck bestows you on occasion, perhaps you will become a full fledged hypothesis guesser.

A Data Scientist does not specifically work with Large DATA sets or Unstructured Data, but they could.

You wouldn't necessarily have to work for a big Pharmacy or Insurance Actuary Company.

You could work for a bank or a retail store or a software company or non profit.

I would say that the definition is very vague as to what in fact a Data Scientist is.

However, it would be correct to say that all Data Scientist apply the Scientific Model to Data.

And there you have it!