An interesting topic was discussed during last weeks BIWisdom chat.

The subject of the TweetUp was Data Visualization.

There was discussion about how DataViz is a great addition to the Business Intelligence suite.

I had posted a comment:

With Traditional Reporting, you start with a customer, gather specs on what questions the report should answer, model and build your reports, test, deliver, consume.  A typical start and end point.

Here's the reply I got...

I agree 100%.  The search for insight is a beautiful process.  It takes a skilled data analyst to understand the data well enough, to search for patterns to derive meaning.

I posted another Tweet:

 Which got a response of:

Again, spot on response.  How do you know when you're done searching.  Thing is, you may never be done in all actuality.  The question isn't 'should we search the data'?  The question is, 'Who's going to pay for the time?"

Reason being, the art of data discovery takes time.  And time cost money.  And who's going to pay that money for the search of golden nuggets of information buried in all that data.

The Business Unit or the IT department?

Well, who benefits from the clues provided by the data?  The entire company.

Who traditionally does the work?  IT.

Who does the work now?  Business Analysts, Power Users, Data Analysts, Data Scientist, that's who.

I believe there should be a separate bucket from which to draw funds to pay for the time and resources to mine the data.

That's assuming you'd like to keep ahead of the competition and / or stay in business.

So 'thank you' Gregory Lewandowski for the quick retorts and nuggets of insight.

I've spent some time with Tableau and QlikView and was extremely impressed.

They offer simplicity, insight and Visualization.

No question.

I also work with Microsoft Power Pivot and Tabular Model at my day job, so I do get to play with Self Service BI tools with Mashing capabilities and slice and dice without having to be technical users.

I'm on board 100%.

And I'm glad to be part of such a diverse and intelligent group of people who discuss the world of BI.

Thank you!