Translate the Golden Nugget Piece of Info into Action

Data is valuable so long as you do something with it.

Let's say you have multiple data sources.

You mash them up into a single source.

You apply data cleansing, data governance, you expose the data to a data analyst.

They come back and say the magic number is 24%.


What do we do with that?

What is the industry average?

Should we try for a higher number, if so, how do we get there?

What exactly should we do with this golden nugget of knowledge.

That all depends on your organization.

Even though you successfully completed the life cycle of a Business Intelligence project, you are not done yet.

Hopefully you have someone who can translate that number into something meaningful.

To steer your business.  To make some action.  To improve the process.  To be more efficient.  To drive more sales.

And that's where business knowledge comes in, someone with expertise, years of knowledge, pearls of wisdom, that can push you over the top and ahead of your competition.

And there you have it!