Reports and Business Intelligence

I started out in IT, because the Lending department was getting some shoddy service from IT.

They brought me in to do reports.

In Crystal Report 5.0, 1995/1996 time frame.

And my job was to create reports.

With a Visual Basic front end, connected to Oracle.

I also wrote reports in Crystal Info 5.0.

And that set the tone for my career.

Although I've progressed in programming languages, from VB 4,5,6 to ASP to Dot Net to Java back to Dot Net, I still consider myself a Report Writer.

Except one day I heard the term Business Intelligence.

I said, wait a minute, I do that.

Hence forth, I shall be a BI developer.

And I've worked in SQL-Server, Oracle, Mainframe, Crystal Reports, Actuate, Microsoft BI, not so much Cognos but a little, and some JReports.

They are all variety's of the same thing for the most part.

Some have better features than others.

Some are more well known.

To be honest I've gotten away from Crystal and prefer Microsoft BI.

And I think Actuate was really good because it worked on Unix or MS operation systems.  And was object oriented and fully versatile and powerful.

I wonder if I'll make the leap into Big Data and Data Scientist.

It seems like a natural progression.

Except I didn't really do much with Data Warehouse and now that seems like a good thing so no loss there.

I would have to say that doing reports for a living is now a good profession.  When I started out decades ago, I couldn't find anybody who enjoyed doing reports.  That's a fact.

So onward and upward!