Questions from the Business Users

How much sales volume was there last month?  Last Quarter?  Last Year?  Which days have the most sales?  What time of day do most sales occur?  Which students have passed all their exams?  How many Credit Card transactions per second did we process over time?  How much power does a typical customer use per month?

These are some questions that a manager, VP or CEO may ask.

And they find their answers in Reports.  And those reports pull their data from databases.

And most of these questions about the past can be answered by a report writer using SQL to query the database, rerturn the resultset into a report, which can be run on the web, parmater based, consumed in PDF or Excel.

Is my data accurate?  Was the data clensed?  Do we have a Data Governance policy?  Is the data up to date?  Can I merge this data with another data set?  Can we see graphs?  Dashboards and Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators?  Can I create Data Visualizations?  See data in real time?

These are more questions asked by the Business Unit, usually to the IT department.

Thus the great divide.  IT is tasked with so many things to deliver the data to users  so they can manage their business. 

Business users seem pretty demanding, huh?

Except they have to be if they want to stay in business?  Or ahead of the competition.

So the IT team better deliver, and they better learn to play nice with the Business.

Data is the blood that flows through an organization.  The data must flow to every department.  And the flow must be constant.

This is the new business reality.