Programming at Last

I was a Microsoft Programmer many moons ago.

And I made a conscious choice to program in Java.

Because I thought it was the coolest language ever.

Unlike VB6, it had true object oriented capabilities.

It was a real language.

So I got a chance to work with Java for 4 years, and had enough.

With Microsoft .net, you get one IDE and many languages to choose from.

With Java, you have tons of IDEs to choose from and Java.

Except there's more to it than that.

You also have Struts, Hybernate, Faces, Xerces, Axis, Spring and a ton more.


So now I'm back doing Microsoft .net.

c# to be specific.  But more than just that, JavaScript, MVC, JQuery, etc.

It's really different with the Frameworks since I last worked with it 2004-5 time frame.

A buddy of mine at work is showing me the ropes, telling me what to download, giving me a project to work on that connects to Active Directory and SQL-Server Analysis Objects.

Fascinating!  I'm loving all the learning and new technology.

To get back up to speed after my Java miscalculation.

Never again.

It's all Microsoft from here on out!

And so it goes!