Pitfalls of Business Intelligence

Where's all the insights?

Business Intelligence was supposed to revolutionize information.

Make people smarter, more informed, faster decisions.

Yet we have the same problems to solve as we did 30 years ago.

Same hurdles with newer technology.

Business Users still complain about reports:
  1. Reports are taking too long to run. 
  2. Data is not delivered fast enough. 
  3. Reporting can't keep up with Business rules changes.
  4. Not enough archived information to cross compare recent numbers with legacy reports.
  5. Why is it taking so long to get my data?
  6. Basically, the BI team is the reason for our lack of sales. 
I believe we have taken a complex problem and amplified it 1000 times.

However, this phenomenan is not restricted to just BI and DATA, it crosses over into every facet of technology.  Things have just gotten way more complicated.

There are some constants in this equation:
  1. Business users will never know what they truely want.
  2. And even if they did, they can't articulate it well enough.
  3. And their rules change by the minute.
  4. And DATA is a tough animal to tame.
  5. And it's growth makes it more difficult.
  6. As does integrating systems on the fly.
  7. And pushing data to users which expose security concerns.
  8. And pushing data to any devide, anywhere at anytime.
  9. And finally, the users will always need someone to blame. 
BI teams need to learn so many technologies the shortage of qualified BI people is growing.

Things will only get more complicated in time.

And the BI team is the new kid on the block.

And the users are throwing them under the bus by assigning blame, threatening to by-pass them and being difficult customers.

What's the solution?

That's the million dollar question.