Multiple Skills Required

Personal Skill to interact with co-workers to solve problems and work as cohesive team member.
Interpersonal Skills to provide good Customer Service.
Business Analyst Skills to gather and translate specs and define processes.
Quality Assurance Skills to debug programs before giving to users.
Political Skills to work with the executives to solve business problems and steer the org.
Technology Evangelist Skills to stay abreast of technology trends and dissiminate throughout org.
Marketing Skills to sell your departments ideas and value to the right people to ensure continued growth.
Documentation Skills to produce encyclopedia of different applications and how they interact with other apps.
Device Skills to know how the users will consume their apps and data.
Cloud Skills to know what applications and data can and can't go off site.
Data Warehouse Skills to know what questions need to be answered and where the data resides to answer those questions.
Security Skills to know how to avoid data theft / loss and how to properly secure your infrastructure.
Project Manager Skills to outline project timelines, action items, scope, deadlines, resources, etc.
Optimist Skills to overcome impossible problems and build momentum within org.
Pessimist Skills to foresee future issues in advance and prevent them.
Legacy Skills in order to migrate old applications into new technology.