Have the Correct Tool for the Job

Maintenance is the key to life.

Whether its your body, mind, relationships or job.

So when you have a tough project to tackle, having the right tool is half the battle.

While getting our new air conditioning unit installed, the workers must have stepped on the toilet seat to check the air flow from the vent.

Resulting in a cracked toilet seat.

Once I let the sales lady know, she immediately credited us with $100.

So proceeded to get a new toilet seat.

However, the screws were tight and the awkward position made the job difficult.

So I realized, I needed more leverage to handle this.

So I went to the garage and found a king size screw driver.

Applied it to the bolt that kept the toilet seat on, and within a few minutes, the seat was off.

And the new one put back on.

If it weren't for identifying the problem, finding the solution through using the correct tool, I'd probably still be there trying to disassemble the bolt.

Have the correct tool for the job.

And you can't go wrong!