From Team Lead to Worker Bee

My first job in 1991, I wanted to be a team lead.

However, it would take me 20 years before I became one.

That lasted for about a 1.5 years.

And now I'm back to being a worker bee.

I would have to say there are some great things about being in management.

For one, you get the authority to improve the place.

Find problems and then find solutions.

However, I also learned that you can't please everyone.

So now that I'm a regular worker with no people to supervise, I enjoy the role again.

Get in, do your work, make the boss look good and cash your paychecks.

I work with a smart group of people who are all self motivated and don't need to be micro managed.

Or act helpless and need their hands held 8 hours a day and take too long to produce anything that needs to be redone again.

No, I enjoy just about everything about my job: the commute, the people; the technology; the boss; the co-workers; the location; the company.

To be honest, this is the first job I've really enjoyed.

Programmer / Report Writer.