Flashes Across the Sky

Watched some videos on YouTube yesterday.

Janis Joplin was interviewed on the Dick Cavet show.

What a gem.

She talked about going on stage, being a singer, it wasn't about the money, it's about expressing the things inside that otherwise couldn't be expressed.

Watched another video on Jimi Hendrix.  He just loved to play his guitar, whether on stage or to find new rhythems and songs.  Said the money was irrelevant, it actually caused the majority of gifted musicians to get lazy and rest on their laurels.

And finally watched a video on John Lennon.  He said that he watched the politicians and said they were and they acted insane.  Their motives were contrary to the public's best interest.

And as you know, all three died tragically, before their time.

They were flashes across the sky, they lit the world with their brilliance, then burned out in an instant.

What can we learn from these people?

I think they channeled energies.

They were of service.

They were instruments of God.

To give the rest of us a glimse of what can be.

Instead of what is.