Death of EDW?

There's much discussion about the 'death of EDW'.

The Enterprise Data Warehouse has been around for a while now.

It's is a rock solid way to gather, consolidate, house and report on data wihtin your organization.

It's easy to wrap data cleansing and data governance around it.

Some organization require this, the the EDW is the ideal candidate for data repository.

However some limitations.

They are expensive to build.

They are expensive to maintain.

They are not easy to build.

They are not easy to maintain.

Mashing exteranl data sources is not simple.

They are rigid in format, so basically you must know the questions you seek to answer without searching for data patterns.

The time it takes to create one of the EDW is a LONG time.  More like 2-6 months to years.

Some organizations can't wait this long.

So as you can see, there are many plus and limitations to the EDW.

There are competing alternatatives emerging.

You have the In-Memory data storage which is relatively easy, which does not require high prices Data Warhouse teams.  The time to market is faster.  Deployment is somewhat easier as well setting permisssions.

Data Visualization tools also allow rapid data mining and mashing without the overhead of a EDW.

I don't necessarily see the 'death of EDW'.  It will be around for a long while.  As other competing products rise and take a piece of the pie.

So that's my take on it.