BI Offers Swiss Army Knife Solutions

A successful Business Intelligence project offers a variety of options like a Swiss Army knife offers different tools depending on the situation.

You need to chop down a tree, the Swiss Army Knife (SAK) has that option.

You want static Reports generated quarterly for the State, BI has traditional reports option.

You want to pick your teeth with a toothpick, SAK has that option.

You want gorgeous visualizations, BI has that option.

You want to mash data sets, same thing.

As well as Data Warehousing, Data Governance, Data Cleansing, Self Service BI, well, we've got that too.

We have Cloud Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Big Data Solutions, we have Forecasting Models and Predictive Analysis models, we have Data Mining as well as a whole bunch more.

Keep this in mind though, BI's solution will most likely offer more than one vendor solution to fit all your needs.

We don't have a single 'Silver Bullet' to handle every aspect of BI.

We have a conglomerate of technologies and a slew of vendors to choose from.

We have the Swiss Army Knife solution to all your reporting needs.