BI Depts are Separate from the Big Bad IT Depts

IT has been getting a bad rap for some time now.

They are slow, bureaucratic, power hungry, restrictive, unresponsive and a variety of other descriptive adjectives.

And for some reason, people have lumped 'Business Intelligence' into that group.

But I say not true.

Business Intelligence is a subset of IT.

We belong to the same budget, we may even have the IT prefix in our department name.

Except IT gives us the same treatment they give the users.

We have to fight for permissions, for linked servers, for new users, for modifications to production, just like the business.

We somehow don't fit nicely into the world of IT or the business.

We are basically a subsidiary of the organization.

A department without a home.

We have deadlines from the business, yet we are blocked by the IT department at every step.

Some BI shops have gone rouge.

They have their own private servers, not included in the IT network, so we don't get regular patches, or maintenance, we are basically on our own.

Then when we have to integrate our servers with PRODUCTION servers, IT stands up with their authority and blasts us from Timbuktu.

The Business Intelligence team realizes the goal of the organization is to disperse the data into information for corporate consumption to set policy, change the business and improve the ecosystem.

IT is not on our side, although we are lumped with them.

So I'd like to say, don't bash us.  We get it.  We know what you're after.  Our job is to assist you.  We are on the same team.  Aligned with the same goals from the CEO down to every level of the org.

We are the intermediary between IT and the Business.

We come in peace.