Think Tank

Think Tank.  That has always been a goal of mine.

To work in a place with like minded people who explore ideas and look for solutions.

I suppose that's what attracts me to Business Intelligence.

It's a growing field, un-chartered, ever changing.

And the people in the industry are extremely bright.

And have decades of experience.

So what right do I have to participate and contribute.

Who knows.

Except each Friday at 1pm on Twitter we meet up for #BIWisdom.

And we exchange ideas in 140 characters or less.

About the latest trends and topics surrounding BI, Big Data, Sentiment Analysis, Mobile, Open Source.

I like to watch the feed and occasionally contribute.

Sometimes my ideas are a bit different from the mainstream.

Perhaps because I'm embedded in the trenches on a daily basis.

Fulfilling data requests, talking with co-workers, watching managers search for accurate data.

I attended the Big Data conference in Orlando a few months ago and contributed to the Twitter stream #SQLSymposium and the facilitator of the event thanked me for my effort.  And I was given a Samsung tablet as well.

I really like the banter and exchange of ideas.

And it's the closest thing I've found to being part of a Think Tank.

And I'm grateful for the opportunity to partake and contribute.

Thank you!