New Technology

So yesterday we bought new I Phones.  Rid of the BlackBerry's.

They get you on the two year contracts.

So I also bought a hot spot which works anywhere, so I can connect vial the laptop.

As well as the new Samsung tablet device.  Because Verizon doesn't support this device so they said.

And I bought a new BlueTooth keyboard / mouse because the keypad is not sufficient for extended use.

So all in all, it was an expensive day at the phone store.

I now have a PC, laptop, IPhone and Samsung tablet.  And a Dell Printer.

I also bought a monitor extender a few months ago.  And picked up a Dell keyboard for the laptop as well.

I buy in spurts, long periods of drought, then wham, I buy everything in the store.

This new technology should keep me busy for a while.