Have a Backup and Cross Train

As programmers we like to think we are indispensable.

Except from what I've learned everyone is replaceable.

And I've seen people who take on work that no one else knows the slightest thing about.

And the programmer can't take vacation because nobody know's their job.

This is good and bad.  Good job security I suppose.  Makes the person look like a work-a-holic.

But that person has actually taken hostage his own job.

And it's in the company's best interest to cross train everybody.

Especially the silo-programmers, who keep everything hush hush.

I've seen programmers leave for different positions and a few weeks or months later, some process doesn't work and nobody has the slightest clue where or how to begin fixing it.

No documentation.

I know I worked for a company for almost 4 years and could not take vacation.

Because I ran the month end, every month, with no backup.

So when I managed to schedule a few days off to travel to Long Island, NY for a tennis tournament, I actually had to run the month end from the hotel lobby computer at night after my tennis matches.

So I'm here to tell you now, cross train every position with a backup!

You won't be sorry!