Exceptional Service

We've been on a health food kick lately.

So we buy our fruits & vegetables from the market instead of the grocery store.

And we have been searching for a good one.

Most have a variety assortment to choose from.

And mediocre prices and customer services.

So today I said we are going to find a market with great quality, prices and customer services.

My wife replied "it doesn't exist".

As soon as she said that, I stopped at a new market.

Clean, no bugs, good prices, good quality, friendly service.

The lady answered our questions on how to pick ripe fruit, which ones were Delicious offered recommendations.

Just when we thought we were doomed to the rigorous lack of customer services experience with high prices and low quality food, our expectations were exceeded.

Not sure what country the couple / owners were from, the guy looked to be Russian but they had people of Mexican descent as customers and the place is in a Spanish section of town, so who knows.

However, we found a place with exceptional customer services.

And we will be re-visiting them weekly to purchase our stash of health food.

We also have a meat market we attend with good prices, quality food, wrapped to order with coupons on Groupon.

And then we buy in bulk at Costco, so we actually go to the real grocery store just as a ritual to pick up milk, bread and staple items.

So to summarize, the world of customer services has not completely gone to hell in a hand basket.

And there you have it.