Document Processes

I've been working on some new stuff lately.

I was tasked with comparing data between Excel and PDF looking for discrepancies.

Afterword, I was to import the worksheets into a SQL database, then pivot the data.

It was a good first project, got my feet wet with learning some of the underlying business rules that are the foundation of a software company.

From there, I was tasked with learning the Cube process, all the disparate data sources, where that data originates, how it gets consolidated in the SQL Agent jobs, SSIS packages, table structures, ETL, Stored Procedures, Views, etc.

So I began to document the processes, one of my favorite things to do.  This allows me to see the opportunities for improvement.  For example, tracking down the source code and consolidating the projects and moving into Version Control took up a few hours of my time today.

It's funny, when I was a child, my father would take me to the junk yard.  We'd walk around looking for cool stuff, parts for a washing machine, we even assembled my bike from old parts we found.  Even back then, I would try to straighten up the junk yard, move things around in a more orderly fashion.  And one day I got spoken to by the guard to stop trying to clean up the junk yard.  My father thought that was hilarious.

Except I've spent my life cleaning up other people's code, very similar.  Trying to create order out of chaos, my specialty.

I really like the atmosphere where I'm at, a lot of smart people, willing to help, work hard but have fun environment, jeans & t-shirts, free coffee, group lunch on Thursdays, and my boss is really cool.  And so is the technology, business model, location, parking, I really hit the jackpot on this one.

So today I was told to learn the BI ecosystem from data gathering to user consumption and all in between.  Because soon they will expose me to the customer base and I will be the point person for all data requests for the BI team, while the architects continue to build new data models for consumption / support.

So I need to get up to speed pronto.  What a great challenge!