Business vs.IT

The users want their data.  They want it now.

They will perform their own analytics and reporting.

So what is the new role of IT?

Who knows?

I believe it will change over time.

IT is no longer the gate keeper of the castle, refusing to let down the gate for users to enter.

The users have stormed the castle and kicked out the IT folks.

What will they decide to do?

Will they become the pigs in the book Animal Farm, that begin to walk on their hind legs such as the humans did?

Will they become the authoritarian business rule / data keepers from the rest of the org?

Will they become too lazy or not completely understand what they are doing and decide to outsource it?

Sure IT was bloated, burocratic, slow, too many hurdles to jump through.

Will the business users do a better job of managing their data.

The business should be careful for what they ask for.  You want complete control of your data.  You better be prepared for all that entails.

Obviously they're going to have to build some type of structure to backup, archive, store the data.

And tune it for fast queries.

And document it.

And mash it with other data sets.

And cleanse it.

Hmm.  That seems like a lot of work.

Perhaps there was a team they could hire to do all this, hmm, maybe the IT department could help.

And so the struggle to integrate the business units and IT will continue to battle for control.

Like I've said in prior posts, there needs to be a new department, not owned by IT nor the Business, which orchestrates the entire data infrastructure of the organization.

That will, once and for all, unite the units, oversee everything from centralized point and be governed by whatever rules need to be in place: HIPPA, Sox, Data Governance, Change Management, etc.

A new business unit that handles nothing but data.

That's the future!