BI User Group Guest Speaker - me!

I was all excited to go tonight to the Tampa Bay Business Intelligence Users Group meeting.

Around 1:30pm the phone rings, Jose Chinchilla, president of the group.

Asks what I'm going t speak about tonight.


The presenter canceled at the last minute.

I agreed to speak and would find something to talk about.

I had a 2-3pm meeting so I didn't have much time to prepare.

I found a few good blog posts from my site and starting to create a Power Point demo.

Then found a site to upload to:  http://www.slideshare.net/jbloombi/tampa-microsoft-bi-user-group-july-9-2012

I read through it a few times to get out the spelling errors.

And that was that.

Arrived at the meeting before 6pm.

I thought I'd be presenting for about a half hour, then found out I'd have the entire meeting time.

Luckily I brought my new Samsung device which connected directly to the projector, and I brought my MiFi  device for Internet connection anywhere, as there was no internet connection in the room.

So Jose introduced me, I gave my standard Anthropology degree should be unemployed joke, and then spoke for over an hour.

I went through each of the slides, just to get a feel for what the title was about, and ad-libbed most everything.

I stopped and asked for questions along the way wasn't sure if I was rushing through it.

A lot of good discussion overall and feedback & questions.

I then thanked Jose and said he'd be raffling off a car tonight so get your raffle tickets in early, a BMW I think.

Overall, this was my first professional speaking engagement, didn't have time to get nervous.

Some good feedback overall.

I'd be willing to speak again...