Shut the Dev Server

I worked on an application that used Oracle.

And we had an offsite location on the West Coast.

And we went live with this application.

And the tech support guy called my boss and said the app was way too slow.

What did Jon do to slow it down so much.

So we called him from my boss' office, I asked him if he verified the entry in the TNSNames file.

Guy said he did.

So we couldn't figure it out.

I went back to my desk and troubleshot the situation in my head for awhile.

Then I went back to my boss' office.

And said, "I think they are pointing to the dev server."

My boss said, "Go shut the dev server."

I said "Okay boss".

Within a few minutes we got a phone call from the guy out west, said "Why did you shut the production server?"

So as you can see, troubleshooting this problem, in a black box, with people unwilling to help was possible.

And that was a major win for us.

And so it goes!