Retirement On Hold

We get schooled in our childhood.

We learn enough to make a living.

Then we work our 40 years.

And then we retire.

What I've noticed is that some people do NOT retire.

They just keep on working.

For one reason or another.

Perhaps they blew their life savings during the Tech Bubble stock market hoping to get rich quick.

Or maybe they lost their nest egg when they refinanced their home and then the value split in half.

Or maybe they spent their savings on kids, life, etc. and never stored away retirement savings.

Or maybe their children returned home after college graduation because they can't find employment.

Or maybe some people need the insurance.

So some people are not in a position to retire into the sunset.

Which means that the positions that were supposed to open up and allow the next crop of indentured servants into the workforce are simply not there.

There was an article in the media questioning if the economy was wrecked on purpose.

Well, if you look at the all the factors, well then yes, our economy hit a perfect storm.

So you have to look at who benefits while others lose everything.

And I suppose that would point to the culprit(s) if in fact it were true.

I don't have all the answers and I don't judge or place blame.

I just watch the patterns and report back my findings.

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