Power Pivot is the MS BI Savior

I attended a SQL-Saturday Pre-Conference session from Bill Pearson a few months ago in Tampa.

I thought the class was great: good content, good presentation and fun stuff.

Today while at work at my new job, I see the impact that knowledge is going to have going forward.

The problem: disparate data sources across multiple product lines and acquired business'; previously incorrect BI report disseminated to top exec (bad rep for BI team); need ability to propagate data to various internal clients with various permissions.

The Solution: Power Pivot via SharePoint.

You see, once the data is consolidated and validated, it can then be brought into Power Pivot plug in for Excel which can store whopping amounts of data, where the dimensions and measures are displayed to users as slicers, where reports are centralized and uploaded into SharePoint where permissions are set.

Single source of the truth!

The PP is refreshed daily automatically.

A Microsoft Business Intelligence solution from end to end with built in security with nice visualization and user interaction to discover patterns and insights, to base decisions and steer the business.

Quite nice!